Crazy Fog at EDDL

Taken at 1457Z on expert server. This is crazy right:

That is all I have really got to say. I spawned in and then it just dropped down suddenly.


Errrrr ya… How would you land lol?

Yeah I live in Düsseldorf it’s crazy


That is cool, in real life flying would be hard.

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I guess I was ghosted


Come to TS1 I am active as ATC. :-)

I gave up on taxiing

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I liked it but landing was a nightmare

All I could see

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Even ATC couldn’t tell what you were doing


I was at EDDL and just got ghosted. Why?
And the message was to fast away.


Please PM the controller if you can remember their name. I am sure there is a reasonable explanation for the ghosting. Please refrain from publically posting ghosting issue as it is easier,quicker and less cluttered if you just PM the controller

There wasn’t even a controller. I just saw that someone ghosted me and then was the message away. Everyone at EDDL disappeared on the map.

Me too, just been ghosted

the same thing happened to me.

I actually had the same issue of being reported I don’t know what happened but please lets try to stay on topic guys

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Let’s stay on topic… happened to me aswell

Yeah you was infront of me xD


Was I ;) were u the Erj?

No the one behind :)

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