Crazy Day Of Spotting @KPHX (Part 1)

I can’t wait either! Also, welcome to the community!

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Target found :|
N0 Jk! :D

No offense but every spotter doesn’t always do just the blue sky.

nice shots! I know PHX has been getting alot of military lately with C130s and some KC135s

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Why Delta A330s at phx? Is that a cargo thing?

Can you please try to get a Gulfstream taking off out of KPHX

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Nope. Scheduled pax service


Interesting, but that’s cool!!

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Omg yes! There were at least 10 that landed when I was there.

I did actually, it’s just they where directly over me so you would only see the bottom of the plane as they takeoff from 25L/7R

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Yep, Delta flies the most wide bodies here. 2 A330-300’s per day. And a lot of 767-300’s.

dont forget the awesome 757s

None taken… I was just trying to give some constructive criticism.