Crazy Contrast @ MSP Airport | October 6th, 2022

Hello Community!

The entire US midwest is very flat. That is all.

Anyways, on my recent trip to the US Midwest, I stopped by Minneapolis to do some spotting. While not the greatest airport out there, it has some decent traffic and acceptable variety (although it is definitely a lot of Delta). The weather was also somewhat cooperative, being almost 80% cloud cover. In my two hours there, the sun was only out for a handful of planes.

Delta A330-900 NEO

Southwest 737-800

Delta A321-200

Sun Country 737-800

Delta CRJ-700

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Very nice shots!

Love these shots! Sun Country is my favorite

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I smell a certain Andrew falling into the shadow realm known as “cut off winglets”.

Thank you!

I literally invented that realm but ok

This 40 years livery was just at my local airport

Awesome shots as always!


You willingly went to Iowa

Mini “cold” sota


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Pretty sure that’s @Kamryn but alright


No I started way before Kamryn he copied me

only to make fun of iowa

it aint even that cold there yet

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I didn’t copy you, I simply started using your style without any type of permission.

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you are cringe


Thank you, please come again!

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Yeah Minnesota was p cool and also extremely empty

You think Minnesota’s empty? Try North Dakota

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I’m sure that’s empty too but I’ve never been to a US city where the downtown and suburbs were completely deserted on a weekday. I live in a town of 200k and it’s 10x more crowded downtown than it was in minneapolis

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I wanted to see plane pictures, not your recreation of the surface of the sun!

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Glad to see some more of your shots!! Absolutely stunning! 🔥

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