Crazy Class Air Show @ EGLC - 162000ZJAN17

We will be in an F-14 and a 737-800. Cya tomorrow

Not sure if I can come, 1900Z is a little late for me since I have school the next day

I would like to participate would either fly spitfire or A-10

If you do, want to flypast together followed by a run in and break to land? I’ll be flying the f22

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I’ll be in a318 too, could do a fly by together?

Nice event but i can’t come sorry :(

We can do a duet

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Yeah sure. Could take off before last display, wait, then after final display has finished, we could flypast to close the show.

Practice flypast now?

How about me you and Ethan

Yeah, sure, sounds good, V formation? How about I lead and you two flank either side of me?

Yeh but we HAVE TO BE inverted

Fly past at 1000ft, 190kts. Fly along R27

How about 260 KTS

the event started?

No, I’ve been practicing at LCY that’s all. Also everyone, I have created an event at RAF fair does on the 28th January. It’s an airshow, no one has replied about it. Need displays, more info on the event topic I created.

Could we do a practice at 1845 or 1900. Which livery? And which server to practice on?

Need to practice the formation

I’m struggling to get a good internet connection, router problems, It’s going to be hit and miss if I can get it fixed by the start of the show, if you see a A318 in Airbus colours with the callsign “Airbus 318” I’ve fixed the connection but if not, I’ll try to get on here and tell you. I’ll won’t be very active for the next hour or so, because I’m fixing it

Would I be able to do a display in the f-16C