Crazy Class Air Show @ EGLC - 162000ZJAN17

Server: Casual

Region: London

Airport: EGLC

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: 10 solo acts and (if possible a collective flyby)
1: IF cobras
2: @morgan99 a318
3: reserved by spectators
5: me a320
6: @Ryan_Keith
7 : @Ethan11
8: @Miguel27 A321
9: me f18
10: @morgan99 f22
11: @AdamCallow
12: @Owenw2310
Spectators will take part in the community fly by

The order goes with the gates


Infinite Flight Cobras will be there. We sent a solo act, but we can get possibly three aircraft I formation. Sign us up and I’ll be back with more details

Ok thank you

Would your team like to perform at over speeds show

Can you define what you mean? And if it is at all possible can we push the event back to 2000z? If that’s not OK, we will still be there

I’ll display in the a318.

Oh I get what you mean. And I’ll have to see. Let me know about the time change if that’s possible

It’s ok as long as ur ok at 2000Z

Yep definitely, would I be able to do a display in a f22 as well?

Sure you will be the last act

Ok, thanks, were you on if earlier at LCY, on casual server because if you were, I was the Thomas cook a321 that you followed taxiing to runway 27.

Ha ha yes I was, I was practicing my moves/ stalls

can I join?

Sure what aircraft and gate

gate 8 Airbus a321

Cool see you there

towards where fly and that height?

at that time is the event?

2000Z if that is ok

tomorrow at 20:00