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Hey Guys. I just wanted to share something I found hilarious! I was making a flight in a Boeing 757, American Airlines, callsign American 2234. Anyway, I was making a flight to KLAX, and I had a normal departure, I was handed off from the tower to departure, and eventually was handed off to centre, which I started off with a check in, requested altitude, and was then told to proceed on course/ continue as files. Normal. Then, about 15-20 minutes later, the frequency was dead, and I figured it may be appropriate to request a frequency change. I had already reached my cruising altitude and thought I had no reason to be on the frequency any longer. So I thought, whatever, this person is ATC, I’m going to listen so I don’t get reported. A solid twenty minutes go by and I ask again, now getting annoyed that the frequency had been dead and nothing had happened. Of course, this person says to stay on their frequency. Again, annoyed, I obey. With a singular transmission since that, I am on the approach to klax, and an on guard warning is sent by the approach at KLAX, so I request once again to switch frequencies. This person denies again. I am on the other side of the country. Then this centre person who I am still on the frequency with tries to give me radar vectors, now, angry with the person for keeping me on for 3.5 bloody hours, I start to reply with things like “Unable” then they threaten to issue a violation and to check the user guide which is ridiculous, because I have done many flights with infinite flight and have not yet had such a crazy experience. So, if you’re reading this, and you were Atlanta centre for me, I apologize. But, I think there should be some sort of boundary because the KLAX departure was trying to get me on their frequency, and this person would t let me off of their frequency, so I risked a level 2 or above violation from both frequencies. Let me know if you have any stories that are similar! Thanks for reading!

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Firstly, welcome to the community! It’s great to have you here with us.

Since you mentioned about the risk of being reported, I’m assuming this was on the Expert Server?

If this is the case, controllers shouldn’t be sending on-guard messages to other aircraft that are currently tuned into another frequency.

If you are with tuned into center frequency you are expected to stay tuned into the center frequency when you are within their boundary which is outlined in white on the map. The center airspace extends from FL180 above when approach/departure is active, therefore even when you’re at cruise you are still in center’s airspace.

If you need to leave your device at cruise, the center controller will be able to see an away icon which automatically presents itself when you haven’t interacted with your device for a few minutes and they are instructed to leave you be.

Let us know if you have any questions!


Yeah, I already know this, because, as you said, it is outlined on the map. That’s what baffled me! 😂

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So if I’m understanding this correctly, KLAX Approach sent you an on guard message in their airspace and you were still tuned to Atlanta FIR?

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So, this actually happened a while ago, and I don’t remember entirely to to tell you the truth, but I think that I tuned out of the Atlanta freq because I was ticked at the guy, and was on no frequency, and received an on guard warning from KLAX ATC. And maybe another on guard warning from the Atlanta guy. Now, I don’t know if you can send an on guard warning from that far away, because I was well out of range, and I’ve only sent on guard warnings as a training server ATC to people within the zone. So, being honest, I don’t remember, just trying to share a funny story that happened to me and wanted to hear from some other people too. I’ve been playing IF for a while now, still learning new things, am working on groundschool to be a real pilot, as my father and grandfather are, so I use IF to practice & for fun!

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Can you send the replay via please

Funny question. Do the replays include the ATC communications?

Yes, your replays from your flights will include any communications with ATC.

As a Grade 3 who is avoiding expert server until I really have a grasp on ATC (and also with a strong interest to join IFATC), this is confusing and somewhat disappointing to hear. It doesn’t sound like something that would happen on expert server especially considering the additional training IFATC takes for radar control.

Generally speaking, if ATC was non-responsive, can you just tune out of the non-responsive Atlanta center freq once you’re no longer in their airspace (since you were given “continue as filed” so you’re expected to leave the airspace anyways).

If ATC was active, wouldn’t it be on the ATC to say frequency changed approved once you leave the Atlanta FIR?

Say I was in this situation, and I tuned out of the non-responding Atlanta center upon leaving the Atlanta FIR. If I was on-guarded outside of said airspace, ignored the communication, and then got a level 2 violation for doing so, is this something that can be appealed with success because a) ATC wasn’t responding when I was in their FIR, and b) I wasn’t in their airspace when I was on-guarded after the fact

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I find this funny and somewhat can relate. A few months ago I was heading out of Boston (KBOS) via New York (JFK) i was told to stay on Boston frequency and was told to stay on and contact approach even though it was a departure lol. Then I got a gentle reminder but got kicked from the sever because I wanted to change frequency’s but was told to stay on Boston’s frequency.

Yeah. Was this on expert server? Because on training server this happens all the time because they’re just a regular Joe practicing their skills. Anyway, funny!

If there’s no departure frequency, it’s encouraged that (if open) approach or center controller handles the departing traffic if they can do so reasonably. So that explains why you were handed off to approach during departure.

Edit: Also be aware, generally the airspace is 18,000 ft and 50nm for departure and approach, so if you’re still within those thresholds, you shouldn’t be asking to change frequency.

But I still think you should be freely able to get off a frequency when out of the airspace, without getting a violation. Especially if the controller is not responding.

You’re definitely right funny thing is I was out of airspace so that’s why I found it funny. I’m not complaining no harm was done and I sorted out a solution with the controller. @Veloist

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