Crazy ATC lag

So I was on Expert server on final into Toronto. I contacted Approach which was normal. When I was on final, approach told me to contact tower, which I did so. I requested inbound for 33R at Toronto and the tower frequency was telling me to contact tower even though I was already on tower. It seemed to be that I was still on the approach frequency when my frequency was registered as tower. Along with that, I had no audio for ATC. It was really messed up.

If you keep having little issues, take a look here Game Unplayable after Hotfix - Unable to tune to ATC frequency/Cannot hear audio/App Crashes - #3 by Cameron

Sup lee,

Seems to be many manyyyy issues with ATC at the moment! Guess we will have to sit tight and let the devs crack the code. I also had issues with actually hearing the ATC…

Hotfix didn’t really do much

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Check out the link that i posted, you´ll fix some issues with the ATC also Devs still working to get everything back!

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Yeah that’s exactly it. Thanks for the link!

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You´re welcome! :D

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Idk if im right to post here but i just noticed i cant tune in to ATC center at NUUK FIR or GANDER oceanic back some miles.I am on android.

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