Crazy? Anchorage Airport Wants United Airlines To Fly From ANC To Singapore

Some crazy times…


About a week ago, United Airlines requested for rights to transport cargo between Hong Kong and Singapore using a 777-300ER. As part of their application, United stated:

Depending upon the rebound in passenger traffic, United may commence passenger service (between Hong Kong and Singapore) at a future date.

Anchorage Airport’s Response:

Today, Anchorage Airport filed with the DOT requesting United to do something different.

Instead of flying between Hong Kong and Singapore, ANC Airport wants United to launch passenger services in addition to United operating cargo services between Anchorage and Singapore.

This is ANC Airport’s support for why United should launch this route:

  • ANC’s geography is “strategically located”, right in between the United States and Singapore (assuming United operates IAH/LAX/SFO-ANC-SIN)
  • United is already operating cargo flights to Hong Kong out of its other hubs.
  • Alaska’s tourism/economy has been hit hard
  • United is temporarily suspending services to ANC thanks to its CARES Act Exemption. If United operates this special flight, they can resume passenger services sooner.
  • “Non-stop services between ANC and Singapore offers an opportunity to open a new market for ANC”
  • "With a high per-capita GDP, relatively low COVID-19 case count, and a miserably hot and humid climate (lol), Singaporeans are an attractive population to market tourism in Alaska."
  • Anchorage typically does not have demand to warrant a nonstop between the cities, so this could be an opportunity for the city and ANC would waive landing fees among other benefits.

If United operates Anchorage to Singapore, they do not need to request for fifth-freedom rights on Hong Kong to Singapore.


ANC Airport wants Singapore Airlines to operate passenger flights to Anchorage:

Among other reasons, ANC Airport is basically saying “Fifth-Freedom Flights bad”.

Anchorage Airports wants Singapore Airlines to eliminate its Manchester to Houston fifth-freedom flight and replace it with a Singapore to Anchorage to Houston flight.

Their reasoning? Costs will be saved.

However, because Singapore Airlines is a foreign airline, they are not allowed to operate domestic flights, such as Anchorage to Houston. So, Anchorage Airport proposes Singapore Airlines operates passenger flights on SIN-ANC and let United carry the rest of the passengers from ANC to Houston.


Anchorage Airport’s Application:

United 777: N2749U - United Airlines Boeing 777-300ER at Mumbai - Chhatrapati Shivaji Intl | Photo ID 1287769 |
Singapore A350:

To sum it up: Anchorage Airports wants passenger flights to Singapore, on top of airlines already enhancing cargo services.

Will this happen? Who knows. Crazy times will likely result in crazy flights.

What are your thoughts? Could you see United or Singapore Airlines operating passenger flights between Anchorage and Singapore?


That’s pretty cool! So what was United using for the cargo flights before this?

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After reading this, I only have one thought

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

If this actually happened, I would be so happy. Alaska’s tourism business is huge, and I think this could be a prosperous route.


I am happy. Thanks for tagging me!

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This would open up so many spotting opportunities!

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787-9 SFO-SIN and a 777-300ER LAX-HKG I think

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Interesting. I think Anchorage needs to open up as a passenger hub for the Pacific as well as cargo.


Anchorage used to be a big hub for 747s and stuff carrying passengers across the Pacific. Mainly because stuff didn’t have the really far range of today. That’s why the north terminal is kind of abandoned.

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Maybe they should give ANC so love

Dont forget about YVr singapore

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i dont know why but big passenger planes in anchorage reminds me back in the day most planes from asia use refueling stops alot then go to north america or something (oh wait @anon38496261 said that)

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Smh, Ancorage’s times as a stopover for passenger aircraft needing fuel has passed. Not many people are going to go to Ancorage unironically for tourism. I would venture to guess those who are going to go there for international tourism are rather wealthy and are more than willing to take extra flights. Yet those people are a tiny demographic and they will just be stuck on domestic flights. ANC is just trying to play a game to hype up international passenger service for their airport that will not happen. USDOT is going to reject this, its obvious.


It still is a huge hub for Boeing 747s. Cathay pacific, all nippon cargo, cargolux, China airlines cargo, a ton more all operate 748s to ANC


Umm… no? We have a lot of tourism, especially in the summer. Direct flights from Europe and everything.

Talking about passenger 747s 🙂

I love the cargo 747 presence here though. It’s amazing!

moslty older 747s actually (747-200 for example since it did not have that much range than the -400)

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Wow a lot of European flights from only 2 airlines. Iceland Air, who is actually taking PAX to Iceland more than attempting to bring people to Anchorage, and Condor who operates in a very niche market of international eco-tourism which undoubtedly is not going to operate this year due to the current world climate. Yep, now that’s truly “a lot of tourism”…


Yeah, wow, you said that nicely. Geez.

At least there are flights here from other places. We also have lots of flights from different places around the US.

Calm down

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We are for cargo, we stopped passengers to the Pacific many years ago

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We still stop in ANC, why? They carry max cargo and not enough fuel get to their stops. So ANC remains active

I can’t really see a point for Pax flights between SIN and ANC. The demand will be really bad for months, if not years to come worldwide and I don’t see such niche routes being a thing in the near feature. I would be glad to be surprised though!