Crazy amount of traffic in infinite flight!

Hey guys so I was just on LiveFlight so I picked the expert server and in these parts there is a lot of traffic! Let me just show you here:


Welcome to the FNF’s. Traffic, traffic, traffic


Phew, nothing compared to what was going on after 20.1 release with quarantine and stuff. I’ve heard of numbers as high as 3000+ users at that time across all servers, and what you are witnessing is just 630 (~1200 on all servers)


I remember that time, the ES was at +70% capacity when usually it is at 35-50% and the app crashing every 5 minutes

Remember like as soon as the 777-200ER got reworked everyone jumped in it and got on the servers and all three servers crashed XD

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It can be good traffic! but not a lot of traffic, the servers have been more full, until the day came when they weren’t enough for more users, and that’s how the servers failed.

Is Expert Server. Now Due to Covid, the servers are getting “busier” and the inbounds can get ridiculously high than inbounds IRL. For example, you can get 100+ in 1 hour, compared to +60 IRL. That’s FNF

IFATC members think of: Traffic alert check surroundings immediately

Wow! Thats insane. I know thats in Europe but what airport or airports where most of those going too

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