Crazy amount of lag

Is anyone experiencing like a crazy amount of lag and low fps or is it just my device . I went in to my brightness down and as I went back into the sim my plane suddenly bank angled out of my departure at KLGA

my device is a iPad Air M1

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looks like a connection issue.

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What’s the air plane count in settings? Also if you have limited device storage left that could also cause lag

My airplane count is at very high and my device is fairly New and only has infinite flight installed

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Also the highest fps I’m currently getting is 9-16

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Have you tried restarting your device or quitting and starting the app again?

Yes actually I have even cleared the scenery cache that’s when I started to wonder if this was happening to other people because I have a new device

In settings on Infinite Flight do you have the limit frame rate checkbox ticked?

Is your device overheating at all? I have an M2 and it doesn’t do that

Yes it’s a the highest 60fps

Only slightly warm actually I really never over heats

What are your graphics set to?

Every thing is set to low currently because of the lag but I usually have it at all high

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yeah that’s weird

Maybe try completely restarting the iPad, might help

Did you just finish with a long flight or smth?

Yeah I finshed a long haul earlier today VIDP-KJFK

I will go ahead and delete Infinite flight as saw replay files that went all the way to 2015 which doesn’t make sense I also checked my phone and it’s shows my flight from earlier today that I did on my iPad

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Yeah that might help lol

Did they connect replays files through our accounts? because I got my iPad last year which is why I’m very confused

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No, that’s not a thing. Maybe you are confusing it with the logbook maybe :D

Yeah a one year old M1 should be fine still… Is it updated to the latest iPadOS?