Crazy: American Airlines Announces 3 New Routes From Boston & Starts A Bloodbath

Pretty crazy…

American Airlines will launch nonstop service from Boston to Raleigh/Durham, Indianapolis, and Wilmington

American Airlines literally started a bloodbath with Delta and JetBlue.

Boston to Raleigh Durham (RDU)

  • This route will start FIVE TIMES DAILY
  • Operated with the Embraer E-175
  • Set to begin in May

This is crazy because Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, AND Spirit all serve the route.

In May:

  • Delta 6x daily
  • JetBlue 6x daily
  • Spirit 1x daily
  • Frontier 1x daily

With American’s five extra daily flights there will be nineteen daily flights between Boston and Raleigh/Durham.

Additionally, American will launch Boston to Indianapolis twice a day (one daily on Saturday) and Boston to Wilmington as Saturday-only service, all on the E-175.

American has significantly grown its Boston presence by a ton in the past few months by adding:

  • London Heathrow
  • Grand Cayman
  • Nassau
  • Key West
  • Austin

I wouldn’t be surprised to see American add more routes from Boston such as SFO, BNA, STL, HHH, CDG, and more,


Holy! Thats a flight every 1-2 hours, Insane!

That’s a lot of flights

Competition never hurt anyone. Just goes to show that the Us economy is also doing well


It’s going down in Boston! I’ve heard some rumors that Delta is going to expand massively at Miami to counter the moves


Wow I would hope American start routes to Buffalo

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I really want Delta to expand in DC, but it might not be possible…

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Guess who’s happy

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When I first read the title, I thought it was a bloodbath with people. Glad it’s not!

A little competition never hurt anyone.

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Guess who’s not happy that MHT or PSM isn’t getting service?

I’m glad Boston is getting all the attention, they’re growing a lot, but I think other places like Manchester could get some new service to places similar to those being served in Boston

Not as an act of revenge. They announced that a little while back before AA announced three routes. I’m interested to see what DL will do down there

DL is actually going the other way in DCA. They’ve cut a bunch of routes as they want to make LGA a what they wanted DCA to be. AA has a pretty good grasp of DCA, and will be focusing a lot on it in the future from what I’ve heard. I agree that DL will most likely not grow there

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This past weekend Delta actually loaded in a few MIA increases.

DL DTW-MIA APR 2>3[2] MAY 2>3[2] JUN 2>3[2] JUL 2>3[1.8] AUG 2>3[1.9] SEP 2>3[1.9] OCT 2>3[1.8]
DL LGA-MIA SEP 4>5[4] OCT 4>5[4]
DL MIA-MSP APR 2>3[2] MAY 2>3[1.9] JUN 2>3[2.0] JUL 2>3[1.8] AUG 2>3[1.8] SEP 2>3[1.6] OCT 2>3[1.7]

Basically DTW goes 3 daily, up from 2 daily from previous year.
LGA increases to 5 daily, up from 4 daily from previous year.
MSP goes 3 daily, up from 2 daily the previous year.