Craziness on expert server

So just happened at EDDL. When tower is closed, just so you know expert server can get wild too🙄😳😳

So in this photo, that pilot behind was trying to takeoff when that pilot was only 1 km away from distance. He should learn about takeoff distance

Right here, that pilot knew I was crossing a runway and he took off instead while I was on crossing runway. He’s a grade four and wait for me instead.
I shouldn’t trust them next time:(


Unnecessary complaining, to be honest.


It’s really sad to be honest… The only thing you can do against them is to report those “pilots”:


Oh, I forgot to report them😑 I will report them next time😀

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People lose their senses when a controller goes offline. It’s a pretty sad sight to see.

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Like Without a teacher, some students get out of controll😖😎😝😍👿😍☠️

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not all “students”

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That’s a perfect analogy. Hopefully you have a better expert server experience in the future. :)


No one will listen, lmao

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@Kevinlu11 A lil off topic but I think I was behind you holding short at EHAM not long ago. The KLM E190👍🏻

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Sorry☹️ Want me to remove them?

Just keep that information in mind the next time you respond on a topic.

Unfortunately this is what happens when there is no ATC. Just report them and hope someone else reports them as well.