Craziest weather of all time in infinite flight

What is some of the craziest weather you have flown in on infinite flight. I can recal flying in Miami during hurricane Irma. It had some of the craziest wind I have ever incountered.


I landed at Birmingham in an F14 with another member from infinite flight air force. Visibility 0


Twice, both with Irma in the Caribbean region and South Florida region. I remember that week, was in preparation for the storm and I recall @Kilt_McHaggis calling me a fool for staying in Miami to ride out Irma. 😂


The UK during storm Dorris - up to 63 mph crosswinds!


Occasionally a METAR report will be entered wrong, resulting in 300 knots winds. You can check for this at any given time at

I remember flying in one where you could hover in a 777. Not real weather, but weather in the suim nonetheless!

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Well, I just learned something new! Didn’t know about that site

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Back when hurricane Irma made landfall in the SoFlo region last year, winds were about 50 knots on the ground at times. Flying around Miami in a Cessna 208 was a blast 😆

Flying low off the coast of Hawaii yesterday with a few buddies near the eye wall of hurricane Lane. We flew in the USAF DC-10 Tanker.

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