Crashophobia (fear of game crashing)

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Have you recently had the game crash on you?

Has it annoyed you to a point where you smash your device?
Your not alone!

Symptoms: laggy game, weird glitches, bad storage


Game crashes are irksome in any circumstance but nothing I can’t get over within 2 seconds. I’ve only recently experienced a crash out of the blue whilst controlling. I’d never dream of smashing my phone as it cost £900 and that was with a £62 work discount. :)

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Not really actually, I follow prevention dips prescribed by my doctor and the disease has cured itself


There are treatments. No cure

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this js what i have feared the most for sleeping in an 18 hours flight :(

lol my phone’s way cheaper (£900 cheaper) than yours, but it can run a long haul with low graphics :)

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My phone has been extremely laggy lately and has lagged out a lot due to this, my doctor diagnosed me with Crashophobia and im currently on medication for it, also Abbvie helped me save!

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That’s called Game-lag Tantrum Disorder… hehehe

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Talk to a crashiphobia expert about certain medications

Eh I haven’t had a game crash in almost 2 years

happened to night,

Thats why I use CrashLess, the only science approved medicine to stop fears and stop crashes!

CrashLess uses a special agent which helps compress your fears and crash causes. This also includes your aircraft crashing!

Do not take CrashLess if you are planning to become or are pregnant, CrashLess can cause birth defects and may cause depression, loss of appetite, hair thining, and weight loss.

CrashLess, cause your crash, is my less.

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this is making me develop a case of stupidtopicphobia



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Anytime i load up the game it crashes but i just load it again and it works.

To reduce the cause of it crashing you can restart your device beforehand.

I have a severe case of crashophobia😂

Just turn to dr @Laura

This is a very serious condition haha

The struggle is real.

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Definitely is

I’m temporarily playing IF on a tablet and my game always crashes