Hello IFC, I should have put this sooner but just last night I attempted a overnight flight from KLAX-RKSI in a a380 Korean air and overnight the game crashed, I woke up with the my phone home screen

And I could still open infinite flight with my flight, but since it was left for a long time it did not let me rejoin

Long hauls is usually not a problem

Model: IPhone XR

is your IF app on the most recent update?
And is your device up to date because i think apple recently released an update:)
if yes to both of those than
What’s recommended before any long haul, is clear your scenery cashe, and that do a full restart of your device to clear you RAM

I have done everything

What’s your graphic settings

lowering them for long hauls could prevent the game from crashing in the future

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Had the same exact problem a long time ago with my old iPad and couple times with the new(er) one. How close is your device to you when you’re sleeping?

Have you cleared you’re scenery cache?

Right next to me on the shelf

Yes I have done mostly anything


Did you by any chance get any calls or notifications while flying? The game can collapse on itself sometimes when a notification appears on the screen and it isn’t dismissed. If you haven’t done so by now, it is best to activate do not disturb mode while flying.

I wouldn’t really expect a device such as the iPhone XR to crash. It’s one of the newer phones to be released and sometimes the app crashes without explanation. Maybe if this happened more frequently, more troubleshooting would be required. The absolute best thing you can do is to try the same flight again. If anything happens, report it back. My guess is that this was just a one-off thing.

Sometimes its just unlucky if it happens often there is usually a problem with you device

It was a server crash last night. All going flights crashed


First I did have that

And thanks y’all for the help, I just wanted to notify you guys if this was a buggy, but, if it wasn’t then I’m not the type to complain

Just lower your settings and turn on do not disturb on your device, at the moment i use and iphone six on the lowest setting and i can do 18 hour flights no problem, but after takeoff once you hit cruise, clear your cache again and than before you go to bed and than when you wake up, if you have any questions feel free to PM on here or the Slack as we are in the same Va i think :)

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