I was having crash every day on my s8 plus

Every thing on high
Anti = on
Frame= off

Failed attempts
.factory reset

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Do you get any low memory warnings ?

Put graphics on medium or low…sometimes device can’t handle it.

Turn limit frame rate on

hey i know this might not be what you’re looking for but try this and see what difference it makes

delete unnecessary photos and videos and background apps that could be eating up your storage

also try restarting the app again

I only used 20gb out of 64 gb so no.

The amount of lag of limited frame

It’s a setting on IF, it should reduce lag and the likelihood of the app crashing.

Why should he have to turn it down? The S8 is a decently powerful device

I know but the amount of lag I am having.

How do you restart the App?

Close the app remove it from the background apps list then go back to the app and it should restart

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Or on iOS double tab the home button (RIP XS) and swipe up the app you want to restart

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Pls be on topic

Thanks for the help.

No problem @deadeye 👍

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