Is there an issue with people crashing? Just kicking them out the game. Cuz twice now I get 20 minuets from O’hare in Chicago one was a long hall flight from Phoenix and the other was from the Gateway City. I get credit for flight time.


Before a flight, make sure to do the following:

• Restart device (Clears background apps)
• Ensure a stable connection
• Have the graphic settings turned down (if device can’t handle it on high)

Try all of these things and report back if you continue getting this issue.


The flight time, landings, and XP that you accumulated during your session is save to the server up to the time that you experienced the crash. It may take some time for those results to populate and reflect on your grade table.

Unfortunately, crashes do occur occasionally. Its a good idea to get in the habit of closing Infinite Flight down and restarting your device a few times per week if not more.

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What device are you using and what settings are enabled on IF?

iPhone X graphics high it’s just when I get close to Chicago

Is this on TS1 or Casual? The reason may be because of the high aircraft count that is usually at KORD, KJFK, KLAX, EGLL, OMDB, YSSY, etc

And do you use limit frame rate at all?

No was on expert to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. I get 20 min out and app closes with no warning

No never had to. Phone can handle it

I would try using it and seeing if it helps. No device is good enough to not ever crash so this will likely help mitigate the problem.

Agreed. The phone can handle it. Before launching a flights its best to ensure that all back ground apps are closed. I’ve flown with the iPhone X a handful into Chicago and haven’t had any issues with all settings maxed out. By closing out all unused apps via the multitasking feature, you’re dedicating all of the devices’ performance to the sole app being utilized, Infinite Flight.

Will the phone get warm, yes. But thats normal with battery depletion and the phone using significant processing/graphics power.

Also make sure your device it’s self is not in low power mode (not the app but device) as with my iPhone 8 one time near a busy airport it caused my device to crash hope this helps :)