Hi there, infinite flight keeps crashing for a completely unknown reason, it’s started happening for about 3 days now, I’m using an iPhone SE with 128 gigs on it, I have hardly any apps on my phone and I’ve tried the turning it off and back on thing, I tried deleting and reinstalling the game thing and nothing has worked, even tried rebooting my phone, everything I’ve found online about it hasn’t worked, please help I love the game and it would be a real shame to not play it because it’s crashing.

What are your graphics settings?

I have them on the highest settings, never had any kind of problem with it before, also tried turning down the settings and it still crashes, the crash seems to happen after I push back

Do you restart your device before each flight? You can also clear RAM by Holding power button until slider appears, then holding the home button. Infinite Flight takes allot of RAM in every flight with those stunning graphics. Also I suggest

•Turning down graphics to lowest possible settings
•Turning on “Low Power Mode” in General Settings
•Turn on Reduce Frame rate
•Turn off Anti Aliasing
•Turn off hud
•Turn off airport and airplane names and dots :)
•Remember to have Infinite flight as the only app open, especially during long hauls.

Hope this Help’s resolve your issue(s)

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Do you close all other apps before your Flight?

Yes I have :) I don’t know what’s going on

No, never had a problem before either, I’ve tried pretty much everything

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Same issue here I am running air 2 , 11.2 iOS installed before the update and even after hotfix and multiple times of uninstall and restart it keeps asking me to log in , or not connected even with a solid WiFi

I have tried this like I said in the statement :)

Have you tried everything on @Chief305’s list up above? 👆

Yep :) I have, there’s nothing else I can think of I haven’t tried

It’s really rather odd

Me too yes I did and even reset network settings. No issue whatsoever before this recent update

Do you have IOS 11.2 Installed?

Yep, updated it when it came out :)

There has been an issue latly with the IOS update and the Infinite Flight update.

Well this sure is strange, can you confirm you have downloaded the latest December 2017 Update for IF? This should be fixed with the upcoming hotfix.

I agree something where the two updates meet

Oh there has? That’s actually a relief, wasn’t sure if my phone was messing up or not. Also I don’t see why I would need to restart my device after each flight, why is this?

I might be wrong but I think there’s a fix coming for this issue. I am not sure though.