Everytime I enter to IF it crashes exactly 25 seconds after (yes I’ve timed it) happens only in online, I tried everything, I have the graphics as low as possible, I’ve cleared the ram, restarting my device, and nothing seems to work, it has happened over 6 times in a row, what should I do??

What device and OS are you using?

Your internet would have nothing to do with your device crashing unless it is not connecting, which does not look like that is what it is happing.

iPad mini 1 IOS 9 yes I don’t have global

I think that’s the problem


As you’re running an older version of Infinite Flight, there’s really only two things you can do.

  1. Delete Infinite Flight and download & install again.
  2. Factory reset of your iPad.

Then I can’t do anything right?

Ok thank you I’ll try it

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And I won’t lose my purchases?

No, you can redownload all of your purchases.

As long as you use the same Apple-ID.
You might have you press “Restore purchases” in the app, but other than that you should be fine.

Ok thank you very much!!