1First off I would like to say that this is in the general category rather than bugs because it may not be IF’s problem

I have been a victim to crashing several time today on solo and Live.i don’t think it is due to the C172 challenge as it has been affecting me earlier today. It has become quite an annoyance to me, so after 10 minutes of holding short Rwy 25 at KEGE and the game crashed i decided to write up this post.

I am not usually doing anything peculiar/complexed at the time of the crash (for example, as seen above I was just holding short not touching my screen at all) so I don’t see too much of a reason as this never used to happen (it did a long time back and occasionally, maybe once every two or three months nowaday).

iPad 4
iOS 9.0.0
Not jailbroken
IF version 15.08.0

The version is not the most recent, so updating it may resolve the issue

EDIT: I am currently unable to update IF. I shall download the most recent iOS and if I still can’t update I will consult Apple.

I experienced the same thing not long ago, couldn’t fly the FNF. It’s the first time I experience a crash on IF

Moved it to bugs because it really doesn’t belong in General. Bugs seems more of the correct category for it. :)

Fine by me

What for? Why? (I mean the edit, I don’t understand it.)

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You said:

As you’re not sure if it’s IF’s problem, we can put in bugs for now. Once we find out it’s not IF’s problem we can move it back to General. Bugs is the more appropriate category anyway.

Lots of people yesterday had multiple crashes while using any non-solo option, on multiple platforms ie Apple Android etc. I assumed it was a server somewhere type of problem as that was the common point. Don’t know about today if it’s still wackd, just got home.

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Yesterday was the first time for me as well. I think this all is very well written and comprehensively more compelling than any other Sim available on Android. Whatever it was it was somewhere in Internet Land, the great Cloud in the Sky!

The same thing haopened to me at KLAX today

Sorry buddy the only thing I can think of is HARD RESETING ur iPad.
Hold the Lock button AND the home button until screen turns off