Crashing yet again

Hello everyone,

I have been trying for the past day trying to fly with the new 21.7 update but it is always crashing. I don’t know why it is crashing because I have enough space and I also restarted my device a lot.

Which device do you have?

iPad generation 6

Graphic Settings, storage remaining on the device. Some important factors are at play.

I have 5gb remaining on my device. And my setting are set on high with anti analising off.

This worked perfectly fine until the 21.7 update was released

Lower your settings to low/medium.

But it worked perfectly fine on high before 21.7

@Aviation_Pro Hello, if your iPad handled the app fine with settings on High with Anti-Aliasing off with the 21.6 build, usually a reinstall is a last resort option.

Did you happen to try backing up your replays, deleting the app completely, and try doing a fresh install?

Just one quick question if you delete you app will you loose your subscription?

Ok I will try it.

When did this get enacted? Why would a consumer have to pay a fee for something they already purchased? I’ve never heard of this.


Are there any apps running in the backround?

Nope but I think deleting the app solved the problem. I will try an actual flight tomorrow or later today.

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Android can redownload it and resume their subscription for free.

Hey! This is incorrect. On iOS, you can simply go to your “Purchased” apps in the App Store, or even simply search up “Infinite Flight,” and it’ll be there to reinstall, free of charge — even for people who aren’t on a family plan. There’s no additional fees involved. You might have to log in to your Infinite Flight account again after reinstalling the app, but as long as your account is connected to the IFC, or you remember your password for any other method of login (like FB or Google), that should be no problem.

The main thing that you’ll lose when you do a full reinstall are your replay files, so make sure you take a backup of those on iCloud Drive, or Google Drive, or someplace safe where you can restore them once the app is reinstalled.


I do apologise for the spread of mis information

Just completed a flight and it works perfectly fine thanks guys.

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