Crashing while taxiing

I just landed from a long haul and before I started the flight I restarted my IPad. I landed and while I was taxiing at the airport it crashed. I don’t know why I crashed because I restarted my IPad and my graphics were on low.

The game just up and closed?

Certain reasons as to why this is happening could be over heating of the device, or no more space causing app crashes.

How much storage do you have remaining?

I have like 2.0gb left for space.

It crashed after I landed on the airport after the long haul. The flight was jfk-lemd.

2 gbs remaining is cutting it really close to completely full.

I suggest making some more space on your device and keep doing what you are doing to prevent app crashes.

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Ok thanks. Didn’t know storage would be a factor as well.

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