Crashing Violations

I think that if you go into another plane that should count as a violation or on free flight live it should count as a xp penetaly or something because it’s soooo annoying when you are in a massive que and then a annoying guy just goes though everyone like come on


On Free Flight people can go and do whatever they want so you will find many people going through others in free flight. There’s nothing you can do about that really.


Trouble is where do you draw the line. Aircraft often spawn on top of one another, would this be a violation? Difficult to enforce.

Max Sez: Stop whining …“Report User”,


Rather, you should be ably to contact nearby aircraft and report them. Roporting them for spawing on top of you would be invalid.

It should be like you have a few seconds to move out of each other or it counts as a violation

So people should be violated for stalling or accidentally crashing into a Denver mountain?

99% of the people on infinite flight crash by accident, making a violation for this would make it so much worse.

I understand where your coming from but I just don’t agree, that’s my bit said :)

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This wouldn’t fix the issue. Making people accelerate out of the way at a controlled airport would cause more harm than good.

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Yea I get what you mean but there still needs to be something in place if you go though a plane but like if you crash it’s fine

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