Crashing Upon Resuming App

Hey Infinite Flight, I don’t think you completely fixed the “occasional crash when suspending and resuming the app”. Either that or I’m a complete dumbo and have no idea what I’m doing. Please tell me what I’m doing wrong.

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Are you saying you go out of the app but not completely closing it?

Also what device are you on?

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@NuggetFornia This is normal - if you exit the app - there is a chance the app will refresh or force quit. This is not to do with Infinite Flight - it is do with Apple or Android’s operating systems - whatever you use…

Tip: DON’T EXIT the app mid-flight

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What @BennyBoy_Alpha said is absolutely correct. The only way to resolve this is to not to leave the app. I have a 10 - 15 seconds rule on any app switches. Anything more than that and you can either expect to come back to a disconnected network or an app crash.


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