Crashing Samsung Note/S10 (Exynos)

I have tried to do 4 flights and they have all crashed this is after the latest android update

Samsung’s monthly update is usually to do with security

This time, at least in my case, it’s a huge update to One UI 2.5, together with the security patch level for September 1.
Since Samsung never really states specifics, it could make a difference in terms of this issue.
I haven’t had the chance yet to test it myself.

I still have a crash here and there when I fly on it

Did you receive the update to One UI 2.5 yet?

Yes that updated 1 month ago. Hasn’t changed anything performance wise

Wasn’t One UI 2.5 released just a couple of days ago?

Yea i have 2.1 still from 1 month ago still awaiting the update for me

Please tell us how was your flight with One UI 2.5, I’m about to update also

I only flew a little more than one hour, so more testing is needed.
There were no issues.

Which device are you using?

I’m one of the “lucky” ones with an S10+.

so uhhh… i can’t even pushback in the 772 after the one ui 2.5 update… i’m scared about the 77w

Not to sure about this but here is some info regarding the upcoming updates.

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i’m gonna get the beta

The developers have possession of one of the devices with the correct chipset and are still looking for something reproducible that causes the crash. If you have a scenario that crashes every time they would love to see it. Please PM me if you have any reproducible crashes on the S10 Exynos chip. Thanks.


That doesn’t exist.
It’s totally random.

Sometimes it takes a long time for it to happen.
At other times it can happen three times in a row and during every phase of the flight.

The way to run into the issue is to just keep doing flights until it happens, 'cause it will happen.

This has been known since the issue first occurred.

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Yeah they are still looking into it.

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i’m risking my personal device to report if android 11 beta might fix this issue (as the issue started with android 10 and not with android 9 i’m hoping that android 11 might fix it)


Just for the record:

We now have a session that’s been running for over 20hrs on an S10 with the Exynos chipset without any issues. This is kind of the problem… we can’t reproduce it :(