Crashing Samsung Note/S10 (Exynos)

i didn’t have any crashes except screen recording

I just experienced the most annoying crash ever.
Started 11 hours ago in ZSPD and did a very smooth touchdown in EKCH, and it crashed 1 second after the touchdown (arghh :( ).

App crashed exactly at this point:

(there was a bit crosswind)

I surprisingly haven’t had any crashes in the past few weeks and I was very optimistic, but this brought me back to “reality”.

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Has anyone still been experiencing any crashes lately?

Yep had a crash yesterday after doing a short flight. This was the first crash since first week of open beta

The frequency of crashes has definitely decreased for me, but they still happen. My last crash was yesterday.

How did your replay register if your phone crashed? I can’t access mine (they don’t load).

Apparently, I can still open the replay sometimes and then it even saved everything up to the exact time of the crash (this was the case back then). However, I also can’t open most of the other replays of crashed flights. I have no idea why it sometimes saves the replay correctly and sometimes not, the crash always happens the same way.

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I am using a snapdragon 845 s9+ and have the system updated. I try two long haul flight these day and the app and system was frozen when I attemp to disengage the screen lock(in game mode, can dim your screen) and land. I need to force shutdown my phone due to my system is frozen.

Sorry for the late answer but as the title says it’s really a Samsung S/Note 10 issue. However you should make a #support thread and find if others suffer the same issue on the S9.

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android 11 just arrived on my s10+. hope that this issue won’t return.

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Still waiting for the update.
Keep us posted!

EDIT: got it as well!

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Looks like I will have to wait until February for the update here in Germany.


The update also introduces One UI 3.0. Among other things, it says:

With One UI 3, dynamic memory allocation has been optimized so that apps run faster and work even better. We have also further restricted background activities in order to ensure higher performance and optimized power consumption. (Source)

I hope this doesn’t affect IF or third party apps, and if it does, hopefully there is an option to disable it for certain apps.

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it said february too… i got it tho… check again