Crashing Samsung Note/S10 (Exynos)

You mean with the open beta? I haven’t had a single one yet

no in general, im not in the open beta

It might be too early to say, but after a week or so into the open beta I haven’t had any freeze and reboot event. To be fair I started the whole beta with a freeze, but since than after a cache clear it’s been a joyful ride, smooth as butter. Due to the random nature of this issue, I cannot say it will not come back, but so far this version seems to be way more stable on my Samsung Exynos note 10+…


My first crash today after 7 flights with the longest being from Dubai Manchester (07.05hrs), it happened on approach to Heathrow, bit gutted but still shows the issue is still there even in 20.2 😔

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i got a new update but i don’t think that it is a stability update. still no crashes in high performance mode though!

Mines on high perforce mode but lasted over 7 hours on a Long haul and couldn’t handle a 50 min flight to Heathrow 😂

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this shows how random this is

Another 8hr flight done, no issues 😂 I haven’t had any major issues as of yet just the random crash yesterday hoping its not gonna be like this throughout 20.3

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i found out that screen recording doesn’t work

well… it does work but it freezeboots


Is this reproducible 100%? If so, which screen recorder?

the built in one. happened to me 3 times in a row. didn’t happen when not using it

i think it is

Not quite.
I made several screen recordings without any issues.

Are you flying around a certain airport? Is it in Live or Solo?
I’ve had the screen recorder running for an hour now with no issue :/

it was in solo, high performance mode, limit framerate off and max graphics on the 77W (most info might be unrelated but may be helpful)

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I just recorded a flight in Solo using those same settings.
The recording stopped by itself after 24 minutes and 30 seconds.
I stopped the flight a little later when I reached FL400.
All went well and I didn’t encounter the issue.

that’s weird… mine always freezeboots

Screen recordings stops at 3GB (or close), I use it all the time and it doesn’t freeze the game.

@Infinite_Pilot1 you may be just unlucky

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