Crashing Samsung Note/S10 (Exynos)

I do have one of the Galaxy S10 phones with the Exynos chip, that did freeze and reboot at random times when playing IF, during taxi, takeoff, at 30.000ft etc…

Today i had an Android update, @Jan is a friend with the freeze problem with his S10+ also, and he said he didn’t had any crash after the update.

Normaly my graphic settings are at medium, the frame limit is on and the AA off , but after the update i did put all settings to the max toch check if the S10 would keep running.

For now, after 4.5 hours of testing, did some touch & go’s, did taxi for a long time on a busy airport, and also went to 40.000ft and did stay there for 45 minutes and did a landing again, the S10 did not crash, even with all the settings at max.

I hope Android did fix the problem, for now i did put the graphics back to medium, set the frame limit on etc, so i hope the crashes are gone… fingers crossed…


Reopened this since community feedback on whether this update/security patch have solved the problem is of great interest to us.

So, if you any of you have the following devices:
Samsung S10
Samsung S10+
Samsung S10e
Samsung Note 10

… and it’s the EU/LATAM version equipped with Exynos SoC with the Mali GPU and have been having issues as described in the top . Let us know!


To add to this:

It seems that the most recent update for the S10 series devices (G97xFXXU7CTF1) may have fixed the randomly freezing and rebooting.

This is not just the security patch for June 1.
It is a stability update for the camera, Wi-Fi connection and touch screen. At least, that is what Samsung mentioned in the release notes.

For the Note 10 this is the only update for June so far.

For the S10/S10+ this is the second update in June.
The first one was just the security patch. About a week later the stability update was released.

So far, users with an S10, S10+ and Note 10 (with Exynos CPU and MALI GPU) haven’t experienced the issue after installing the stability update.

I so hope Samsung has really fixed this issue, 'cause it is in no way caused by Infinite Flight or any of the other apps that are affected by it.



I had a crash just after updating my phone thinking the problem went away, same thing when 20.1 arrived. It’s really easy to remedy however, I just have to clear scenery cache and I’m good to fly. If I don’t clear it and go for a flight even when rebooted after a crash, the same thing will happen over and over again.


I last updated my phone the 4th June but the bug still happens when I don’t take precautions :/

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Make sure you’re on the correct software as explained in the article


Nevermind, I don’t think it’s the same one

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I am using a Samsung S10 and got the new update this morning.
I just did a 90 mins flight with all graphic settings on high and AA on, and had 3 other apps running in the background.
After landing on the busy KMIA, I set the airplane count to very high and used the free cam.
During all of this, there were no lags at all and IF didn’t crash.
I hope this issue is fixed now, I will do more flights later today and report any possible crashs here (hopefully not).


When 20.1 came out I also had this issue but for me it’s been fixed with the 20.1 Patch update.
I have a Galaxy Note 10+ Exynos model btw.

Separate issue. The issue mentioned have been an issue for many since the mentioned devices were updated to Android 10.

But glad to hear it’s working well for you :)

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just received the update! it’s installing right now

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Good to hear!
I’m at work now, but later today i will do some more testing, let’s hope the freeze is gone.

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Keep us up to date!

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current settings

alright so i did a short flight from EGCC to EGLL and it really didn’t crash!


Keep testing, and happy flying :)

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alright… it crashed…

Don’t say that.

And you are on the software version previously mentioned?

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i’m on the newest available version

Yes, but that depends. I had another user who was also on the latest, but it was not the latest released. Just hadn’t been released to that user.

It needs to be G97xFXXU7CTF1

is the small x on the version number or is it a replacement for a number?