Crashing problems

Sorry if i am posting this the second time, but the crashing issue hasnt gone yet, today i flew for 10:30 hours amd i swiped down from the top right corner of the ipad just to make sure i am connected to the wifi, and when i swiped it back up, IF crashed, i have lost 7-8 long hauls bcz of this, pls fix this, i didnt have these problems bfr the update



Once is more than enough, you might get banned if you post the same topic multiple times!

What is you device? Operating system?
What are you graphics settings?

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Maybe try following everything @schyllberg says in here:

If nothing works from what was stated in the post above, I’ll no longer be able to help you 😬

Its 3 months old, i have 90GB free, i deleted my replay files, everythings good, idk whtas the problem

Not server, its app crashing

This is a more helpful comment ^

I’ve had a change of view and realized you’re actually (@AV-AMAN) having continuous problems with your device, I think it might be time to email/message a staff and maybe even tell apple whats happening because whats happening shouldn’t be happening 🙃

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