Crashing problems

I am here to say that some other ppl and i have been going through the same issue.
Infinite flight has been crashing frequently, without the device getting hot or anything, usually it happens when the device is hot or not compatible, but i have seen many other ppl report the same problem since the update. I have lost 4 long hauls since 6 days without the device getting hot, i also use an M1 iPad. Alot of my flights have been a fail bcz of this, pls look into it, and are u also going through this issue ?

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Hello, I haven’t had this problem yet but I haven’t flown much lately. but have you tried restarting your iPad or deleting all your replay files. I usually do this before I long haul flight. Also do you much storage iPad? this can cause lag or crashes if you don’t have much left so maybe deleting unnecessary apps and some pictures may help.

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Yes i restart my ipad alll the time, i also have like 95gb free

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ok have you deleted replay files?

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Yes everything, i have many other ppl in Instagram, reporting the same problem

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hmm, ok. how old is your iPad?

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3 months old

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ok, sorry I don’t really know what to say then. sorry :(

Np mate thanks


The developers have been made aware of this issue a while ago - it has been reported many times by many different IFC users - and are actively investigating and trying to mitigate it. It may be resolved in a future app update, or in a hotfix. Reference: Support FAQ - Please read this before posting!

Hopefully, the fix will be pushed sooner, rather than later, but at this stage, we have no information on that.

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Hey there!

There are multiple reasons :

  • What kind of iPad do you have?
  • Did you clear cache?
  • Delete it and re-install it?
  • Maybe you could reduce your quality, renders, airplane count?

I didn’t understand that question

Good news!

Hopefully this will resolve your problems when it is released. Know it is not guaranteed to be out later this week, but it is possible.

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