Crashing problem

Has anyone got anywhere with this problem I’m having when there’s other people around? Because that’s what I paid £75 for to do. I’ve been waiting for this update and to use this plane with other people for 5 months and now I have to wait longer than everyone else. And it doesn’t seem that anyone else is having this problem

This is a known issue to developers, I suggest reading this:

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I’m asking have they found anything to solve it?

Everyone is experiencing issues like yours at the moment, don’t worry. The developers are working on it.

We’re aware of an increased crash rate on all platforms since the 20.1 updates. These crashes are mostly related to opening your grade table, as well as performing tasks on the map.

Our developers are working very hard to get these issues resolved as soon as possible.

We’re sorry about the inconvenience this causes.



They are working to fix it!

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But it’s been 48 hours. After 13 months of developing this update and before all this covid thing happened, they should’ve known something like this was going to happen

This crash did not appear at all during testing. And no, it’s not been 13 months. Not sure where that comes from.

And to be fair, we have not been up 48hrs straight working on this. We’re human.

I get that it’s annoying. I do. But more topics won’t fix it faster :)


You have to consider that they are a small team, and also the server load was totally unexpected. I’m sure they did their absolute best.


The update didn’t take 13 months, I think like 7-6 months. They announced they will rework the 777, 13 months ago, it doesn’t means they were working on this update 13 months ago

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I know I know, I’m so happy about this update and they deserve a lot of respect for this. But I’m just annoyed this is happening

I understand that you are annoyed, but we all have to be patient. It will be resolved soon.

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