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First of all when I say “crashing” I mean the plane crashing. I was moved from grade 3 to grade 2 because I set up a flight and I come back and it says “Crash” and it gives me 3 violations. It happened twice in one week giving me 6 violations in a week moving me down to grade 3. This annoyed me because this week on the expert server was a good line up. I would like to know if there is anything like this happening or if there is anything to do other than wait.

Could you look at your replay please? What happened right before you crashed?

99% of the time this is due to you leaving your device before reaching cruise.

  • Not setting the ALT on AP
  • Not enabling AP
  • Too high of a VS resulting in a stall and crash. As you get higher your VS may need to reduce.

this may be the reason but im not sure, i watch the ascend and then i start doing stuff at cruise if anything i leave a little before cruise but at FL370 and cruise is FL380. I also am going a set speed of mach .76

i delete my replays because i do flights on my older phone with less storage so i delete them so i can do flights (it would crash if there isnt enough storage

What aircraft is this? If it is a long haul aircraft, FL380 may be too high for your weight, which may have caused a stall. Also, maybe Mach 0.76 is a bit slow for whatever aircraft you are flying.

You should probably going at a minimum of .82 at fl380. How heavy was your plane?

What plane were you in? Each one has their own speed limits.

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i was in a 747 i cruise at a speed of .76 on all flights. After reaching 10,000ft i speed up to 285 knots then at FL280 it changes to mach .76

718,000 pounds

Did you step climb?

Okay. This should answer your problem.

  1. A 747 doesn’t cruise at Mach 0.76, nor do many of the commercial aircraft. The 747 tends to cruise at Mach 0.84-0.86. You probably stalled because you were too slow for the aircraft. If you make a flight plan via, it should give you the cruise speed for the aircraft you are flying, or the list that I’ve linked below may help you as well.

  2. FL380, or 38000 ft, is too high for your weight. It is recommend that you step climb, to prevent this from occurring. In other words, you were too high to support your weight, and therefore the combination of a slow cruise speed and a high altitude probably caused you to stall.

These tutorials below should be extremely useful for your next flight:

Happy flying!


Thanks for sharing your knowledge. 👍

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thanks for the help :)

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