Crashing over Atlantic

Ok so this is the second time this has happened to me now back to grade one and not able to be on the expert server because something random happens… This flight I was doing YYZ-DXB on a Boeing 777-300ER with about 19hours of fuel on board. This time I used flightplannerdatabase or something like that to make an advanced flight plan… Last time I flew I didn’t go with the wind patterns and ended up crashing due to probably low fuel. This time I have no idea what could’ve happened. (this was an overnight) I went with the wind patterns and had atleast enough fuel to make it to morning? Wth is happening over the Atlantic because now I have 8 violations and no expert server access… :(

I crashed 4 hours and 19 minutes out of YYZ… and when I went to bed it said I had almost 13 hours of fuel left…?

Oh yeah and it also when I woke up it said “CRASH” on the screen and I was very upset… :(

So what happened here was a plane crash.

There can be a lot of changes when your making long haul flights.

Unfortunately this is not a #support issue.

You need to ensure you are active and near your device at all times while flying.

My guess, is you ran out of fuel. You shouldn’t rely 100% on what the fuel remaining tells you as conditions can and are likely to change.

@Levet can you please close?

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How is this not a support issue??? Of course it’s a support issue because I did nothing wrong and I’ve done so many long hauls before… This is the second time this has happened and I want to know what I’m doing wrong?

You left your device while you were sleeping. When you come back to it and it says “CRASH” on the screen that is because your plane crashed.

That is PILOT (you in this case) error.

Support is for hardware/software/server issues.

This is NOT one of those.


This is easy, don’t leave your device and you will see what’s happening.

Kinda hard to accomplish that when your eyes are closed.

Listen buddy a lot of people do overnight flights… Now I was asking for help but clearly you don’t know the answer so just stop replying and get off this post because I’ve already posted a help issue on this forum before 😡

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If you can, please record this and post to YouTube and then maybe we can better assist. Many pilots venture over the Atlantic on an hourly basis. Be sure to start fresh when conducting those long flights by clearing your RAM, close all background apps and always ensure that you have memory available.