Crashing on Medium to Long Haul Flights

I use my iPad Air 4 (iOS 13.3) with 256GB exclusively for infinite flight and whenever I fly medium to long haul routes, especially with the A350, my game always crashes when I am about half an hour away from my destination. I use the recommended settings for the iPad Air 4 along with the tips from: Support FAQ 19.4 - Please read this before posting! , and this still happens constantly. I am wondering if this is going to be fixed in the next update or should I try something else. Keep in mind I’ve tried to lower my settings during cruz and increase them to the recommended settings an hour before landing, airplane count set to low/none, uninstalled/reinstalled the app, rebooted my device before flying, etc. The only app I have open other than IF is IF Assistant. Thanks in advance for any tips.


There’s no guarantee the settings will fix the crash for good. The best bet is to wait for a hotfix that is being actively developed.

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I can’t fly Medium or long hauls either, but this is because of my limited space and the age of my device. (5 Year old iPad Air 1).

What works for me at most times is to lower the airplane count to NONE before flying. I also get rid of storage, reinstall Infinite Flight and reboot my device. Not forgetting that all of my graphics are set to the lowest or medium quality.

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Don’t have any apps open in the background. It’s a known issue the increased crashing rates on 19.4 with IOS/Ipad OS 13.4
Something to do with Ram and how all of that functions being a pain and such

Bookmark this thread below, it’s where updates seem to be posted and so on, furthermore be-sure to read what the developers have said about the current situation

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This has to be fixed. Today after flying for 13 hours from Melbourne I was close to final at SFO and the game crashed. I had same settings as you. It is very frustrating

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It will be fixed, eventually, just takes time and effort to diagnose and solve. Devs are working on it, and hoping a hotfix would be ready by next update or before 🤞

Meanwhile, switch to android :) jk.

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I had the same problem on 4-5 hour flights yesterday and today as well. Even without many pilots around me the app suddenly crashed about 30-60mins before landing.

Hope this can be fixed (iPad Air 2017 with newest updates, enough storage)

This literally happens on every flight over 5 hours, extremely frustrating and annoying. I try to lower settings and airplane count is always on low and it still happens. Seems to happen once I’m contacted with ATC and towards the end of the flight. Hope they can figure this out

I re instal IF for the time being before every long haul. Its not the mis effective thing but it works for now until a update is made for this bug

Look, the moderators are aware of the issue. They are currently working on a fix for it. When will it be out? No idea. Are they aware of the issue? Yes. Is it being looked at? Yes.

Having people saying “ooh I’m having the same issue too” without contributing anything towards fixing the issue is not helpful at all. If you do have problems, the post I linked above will take you to a thread where you can report your issues.

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Please utilize the linked thread above in Kirito’s post for updates on this situation: App keep crashing after 19.4 update