Crashing on Low settings

I made a support topic a couple of days ago about the non-stop crashing I was getting on Infinite Flight and was resolved for a few days. Now that i’m using bigger airports, even on low graphics, i’m getting crashes when I start taxiing or just ask for pushback clearance.

iPhone XR, 51/64gb

Before the update I was able to run everything on Max, now I can barely even move.

Low settings with the iPhone XR?

I know that it is worse case scenario but, have you tried saving your replays and doing a fresh reinstall of the app?

Last time this happened (3 days ago) I did a fresh reinstall, and it was good for 2 days and flopped again. I’ll try a reinstall again, hopefully I can reach more than 2 days this time 😂

try clearing the scenario cache in the application, this may be

Yikes, sorry to hear that. Have you made any changes to your device OS wise (14.7.1 update) and how is your battery health? I do know that whenever my iPhone 12 Pro Max gets hot, the Apple minions throttle everything and dim the screen. I have to take my phone case off when I’m doing high demand things.

Battery health isn’t the best nor the worst, 86%. My heating is fine up until I load in, I usually freecam up and go in a circle to load scenery and planes to avoid load spikes, that’s when it turns into a grill. I’m thinking possibly OS wise, as i’m running iOS 15b3, however i’d think with the new update and the developer beta for it being out they would have optimized it for the OS before the launch in Fall.

Yea, I honestly wouldn’t bother with the iOS 15 beta. I’d roll with the OS 14 builds until IFLLC can ensure everything is optimized for the public OS15. Technically speaking, 15 isn’t supported by IF at this time.

Had a feeling it was that. Sucks, but what can I do about it. I tried a reinstall and got my 2 day free trial of decent framerate again, gonna see if it lasts, and if it starts again i’ll revert.

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