Crashing on KEWR-WSSS Route

I’ve been trying to fly Singapore Airlines’ Flight 21 from KEWR to WSSS over 5 times by now. Every single flight I crash near the end. An hour away, two hours away, once it was on short final. I always limit my framerate and turn down brightness while cruising, and I also occasionally clear my scenery cache. I suspect it may be the replay recording taking up so much memory that it causes the app to crash. Any help so I can keep these long flights going? My device is an iPad Air 2019.

This was documented in the Support FAQ 19.4 - Please read this before posting! thread.

Please follow the discussion in this thread for more information.

Well, that route is the longest flight in the world. I’ve recored before on a flight but the game crashed also. The reason your game crashes is most likely because of the screen recording.

Thank you. I did start noticing more crashes after 19.4 and I hadn’t been aware of this prior.

Clearing your cache may do more harm than good. It is used in specific cases. Using it forces a re-download which may temporarily increase resource utilization resulting in a crash.

The key is to minimize the strain on resources. Killing background running apps, limiting 3rd party apps when necessary, lowering graphics settings, and not changing settings/cache during the flight.

You are on a 20 hour flight and the device has been fine. You then decide that you want super high graphics for landing and switch graphics and clear the cache. This causes a spike in resources in which ios then kills IF.

The developers are working on a solution to mitigate the issue.

Okay, I’ll run shorter flights in the meantime. It’s good to know that this issue is currently being worked on.

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