Crashing on iPhone 6

The crash specifically occurs on my way to KNUC specifically when I confirm that I will land runway 24 after having been cleared. Usually at that first waypoint in the line of waypoints going towards KNUC. I believe its around 24-30NM from the airport. This is the only place where it has crashed for me and it happens every time without fail.

iPhone 6(not plus or S just 6)
IOS version 9.2
Infinite Flight latest version.

Hope that helps

Restart device maybe?

I have tried restarting both the application and the device itself and I even deleted IF and reinstalled it completely. I just stopped landing at KNUC and started landing in hell (KLAX)

Did you ever try coming into KNUC a different way?

If by a different way you mean avoiding that specific waypoint altogether, I have not. I will try it but I wanted to at least make the issue known.

Yeah, try that and tell me what happens

When I get home I will test this out. I have an iPhone 6 also.

If you ask for ils Approch on an gps airport the app crash…known bug…if this isnt your problem:

Press HERE


Please let me know if it happens to you. I usually take off out of KPSP heading west-southwest

I have not noticed if that is what I may have done but I will recreate my issue once again and see if that is what I keep on doing.

Sure…let me know