Crashing on IPad 8

I was just at KEWR on expert server at the gate and then BOOM app crashes ): I thought this just happened maybe because I had safari open in the corner with simbrief open. Then the second time I was lining up for 22R and then another crash. Not sure what to do but hight id report it anyway.

Device: IPad 8
Operating system: IOS 16.4
settings: everything on high, anti aliasing ON, set to 30fps, aeroplane count at high.


Hey @City_Flyer, if this makes you feel a bit better, I also have an iPad 8th generation and I’m also experiencing crashes on my end.

I would recommend to lower your graphics, especially the 3d buildings density and airplane count as this two have the biggest impact in performance.

If the app still crashes after doing this, you could try: Deleting the IF app, restarting your device and then installing IF again.

I’ve only recently gotten back to IF and had to get my landings flight hours back up so I could be in expert server. Over this time these setting caused no crashes, I heavily believe this is due to aeroplane count as there are tons more planes at featured expert server airports compared to most airports in training server.

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Hi @City_Flyer

Here is what you can do to help reduce crashes:

  • Restart device before each flight
  • Lower graphics to minimum and work your way up
  • Reduce airplane count as much as possible
  • Place iPad on cold surface and reduce brightness to reduce the heating

These won’t completely get rid of crashes, but should
reduce the chance of them happening.

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Thank you for the help

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