Crashing on entry

When I try to enter the app the game crashes

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Can you please add more substance like device specs and what version of If you are running?


Can you please be more specific

system software

Try restarting the app. Also try restarting your device

If you are using an ios defice, Hold the home and sleepbutton at the same time until device restarts. This might help.


Please include:
Phone Model (example: iPhone)
OS (Operating system, example iOS 10)
Version of Infinite Flight

Is it a real version of Infinite Flight? Not pirated? Also more specific specs.

🙄 you type something nice up and 5 other people beat you too it.


iOS 10.3.1
iPad mini

Don’t know. It is a real version though, right? Not hacked? And non-modified device?

is your iPad jail broke, or did you get the app from anywhere other then the App Store? Also did the app you purchased state Flying development studios?

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iPad Mini (assume it’s 1st generation as you didn’t wrote anything more…) can’t run 10.3.1… so jailbreak?


If you Jailbroke it, trust me, if it’s has 512MB of RAM and you jailbreak it, it’s very laggy and will crash. Even 1GB of RAM jailbreak are laggy but they don’t crash. Jailbreaking is a fun thing to do but if you have too many tweaks on it, it will crash. If you wanna play IF and jailbreak, you kinda need minimum 1GB of RAM

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I found out that it only happens when I’m trying to access observer mode the game just crashes live and solo are fine.

Observer mode? You mean Free Cam?

I assume it is the Mini 3/4. The first two minis can’t upgrade to later software further than IOS 9.

OH. You mean ATC? Or soemthing else? Confused what your talking about.

This thread is a bit out of hand and lacks direction. Please PM me directly with more information about your issue so we can better assist you. Thanks everyone for trying to help!