Crashing/Not responding - Shield K1.

Device: Nvidia Shield K1
OS: Android 6.0.1
App version: 16.02.3

After updating to 6.0.1 IF seems to occasionally crash/stop responding at either of these screen’s.

With this screen it just stays the same and doesn’t progress further. I have to quit the app and try again.

While this screen appears when selecting any aircraft or region. More often than not this happens if I pick any plane but then decide to load up another

This doesn’t occur every time I load the app, its frequent enough to be a pain & there for bring it up.

Issue persists after a device restart and RAM clear.


Just click “wait” my device says it all the time on many different things games, apps, music. It just takes extra time to load

Try deleting and downloading it again, or maybe android 6.0.1 is not supported yet.

Tried them both. Thanks guys

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search for topics on fixing problems that come with Android 6 update on google, and follow the recommended steps

it is supported, actually runs better

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