Crashing issues

I have recently got issues where the IF app crashes mid flight and just goes out of the app. When I try to reopen the app I have lost my flight and have to start again. It seems to trigger when I touch my device a lot, for example during approach.
My device, an iPhone 7, isn’t particularly hot or anything. It’s a recent issue starting a few days ago. Because of this issue I am not able to complete a flight, regardless of length, before crashing.

Is this a known issue something others experience as well, or is it something from my side?

Ps: I also have the airport disappearing issue that others are reporting as well.

To answer your question, yes. This is partially a known issue. The developers do their best to make sure that crashes don’t happen as much, but it’s not perfect. iPhone 7s can usually run Infinite Flight pretty well fro the most part, but everyone runs into issues from time to time.

Here are some of the best strategies to prevent crashes:

  • Use 30 FPS, not 60 FPS
  • When flying a long haul, lower your brightness to prevent overheating
  • Change your airplane count

This is the most common time. This is usually because of the stress on the device of downloading scenery or aircraft in the airport below. Specifically busy ones, but there are exceptions.

They will fix that as soon as they can do it without making the crashing issue bad as well. If an airport disappears, your best bet is to clear your scenery cache, or just swipe out of the app (if it is your departure airport.)

If this keeps happening, I recommend you first follow what I had said above, but if that still doesn’t work for you, i would first recommend clearing unused apps, files, or photos. If that still dosent work, I would recommend getting a new device, as the iPhone 7 is starting to be outdated. iPads usually run better, but new phones do well as well.

Hope this helps!

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Hello, can you give us detailed response that includes your graphics settings, frame rate setting, and your airplane count setting? Does this happen on Solo too?

If my iPhone 8 can’t run on 60 fps… i am sure that iPhone 7 will not do it at all

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The 30 fps is a great setting for everyday flying especially if you want to limit heat build up and extra battery usage. 60 fps is cool for making videos, but isn’t worth the trade off and potential device performance ramifications. The app looks just as amazing at 30 fps.

I do use 30 fps and low graphics. I don’t think this is the issues, I haven’t had any issues like this before.

Have you checked the available storage on your device, do you clear scenery cache occasionally, and do you restart device before every flight?

Also, did you notice a negative impact after updating your iOS?

I still have a lot of space left and I do clear scenery cache sometimes, especially after the airport disappearing issue. I don’t have a lot of other apps open either.

If you’ve explored every available option covered in the Support Faq, you might want to try saving your replay files to your device, and reinstall Infinite Flight. This is a last resort option and I’m only suggesting it because you are experiencing crashes and airport scenery not rendering.

I will try to reinstall IF. Thank you for helping

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I play on 30 FPS and ultra settings on my first phone, Xiaomi mi 9. And it’s still ok wjen i made videos

Yeah, 30 fps works nice with this simulator ;)

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