Crashing issues.


I bough Infinite Flight for my ChromeBook from the Google Play store. When I open the app, I am able to select my aircraft, airport, ect, but I am not able to start the flight. Whenever I click on “Fly”, it will load, and then the app will just close. I’ve done everything stated on the support thread, however it is still not working, My wifi works fine, it is just this app. I have tried restarting it, updating it, and nothing has worked. If anyone knows how to fix this, let me know. Thanks!

Unfortunately IF will not be stable on a ChromeBook. Infinite Flight isn’t optimized for your device. Although the PlayStore may be available on the ChromeBook, that doesn’t mean that apps like IF will run smoothly or run at all.

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Chromebook. There’s your problem.

Shouldnt there be a warning that the app is not compatible with the device? Thats wasted money

Why a warning? There’s reviews. There’s also a website. And loads of videos. Just a simple search and you can find out what’s compatible and what’s not.:)

The problem is some devices walk the line. Is it really a tablet or a laptop… I’m sure some apps will run fine on it but then other apps need a dedicated graphics card to run some games/simulators. Marketing at its finest.


I have a chromebook (school one) and I can use a secondary account on it.

I tried IF and it runs so bad, these devices aren’t ment to run IF.
Chromebooks are made for light usage with very weak specs (hence Chrome OS being so light)

Hope this helps :)

If you have another device, you can sign into your account from that device. Then it won’t be wasted money :)

Alright, thanks everyone! I’ll just transfer it to my phone.

IF is a mobile simulator so even though Google play is on the chrome book the app won’t work