Crashing issues on iPad 8 Gen and newer

Hello everyone, I’m writing this to ask if the crashing issues on iPad devices has been solved, or is it still a present issue. I have an iPad 8th Gen, and a few months back, my game started crashing out of nowhere, sometimes on takeoff other times on approach. Anyway, this problem was very frustating, and I could not play IF like I used to.

This was way back in the begining of the year, before the Challenger 350 update, and I have not played since then.

So I’m asking to the people that also have an iPad 8 or (even newer) to explain if this problem is still a thing or it improved since the last update.

Thank you for reading!

Device: iPad 8th Gen

OS: iPadOS 16.6.1

IF Version: 23.2.1

As far as I know there isn’t an exact reason for why devices keep crashing however there are ways to lower the chances of your game crashing

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We made a number of crash fixes in 23.2 to help prevent this, and a ton more improvements are coming in 23.3 which should help with this further. Performance has been a big focus of this update and we’ll keep you posted with info on when it’s ready to download :)


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