Crashing in IF

How many of you have crashed in IF Live?
I just crashes at KSAN San Diego on touchdown and it was rather humiliating! On short final Runway 09 the controller suddenly decided to tell me to enter runway 27 left downwind! And then they gave me a really right turn from base to straight in, so that I really wasn’t ready on landing. I could have gone around, but they didn’t request me to, so I thought I could make it. Turns out not, I touched down a little bumpy, since my flare was rather small, and nose wheel bounces into the ground! Frustrating!
What were your experiences of crashing?

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First of all, never land at 09. Never!

If traffic is crossing the runway which the pilot can’t see, it’s the ATC who instructs him to go around. But even if the runway is clear, and the pilot doesn’t feel safe (too high/low, too fast/slow) he should go around.

I crash rarely in Live, sometimes when performing “high intensity” touch and goes with the F22 it becomes uncontrollable, and sbam!


Sorry I don’t get it. Why you make right turn from leftwind? You don’t need to turn base straightaway if they ask you to. Whenever you ready, do it. Don’t try to land your heavy like small planes or following people who playing music chair in KSAN. 😀

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Sorry I meant a really tight turn

@SkyHawk… Hawk… Never forget…“The Pilot in Command (PIC) is the Final Decision Maker”. When in doubt bail out was a Check List Item in one of my old Sqrns. It’s better to call a missed approach than to fiddle around no matter who’ s playing the fiddle! IF is an artificial environment. The real world of ATC is orderly, it’s an orcastra with a leader. If you as a player don’t follow the score or any of the thousand other things associated with the number you are the blame or the hero. Always be a hero. Max Sends


I crashed the other day while on final approach on runway 27 at KMIA. I forgot to power iPad down and restart prior to flying. Anyway, the iPad froze up due to high traffic. I was nearly on ground.
It happens 😩

Turn “Aircraft count” to low in Settings-Live menu. This might sort out the memory issue you are having. Your internet connections good?

I was on one of those ‘long-hauls’ with T&L’s at half a dozen Airports in a round trip marathon in an F14. On the last leg, tired and fatigued, with an 18 knot crosswind at KLAX that had me glued to my final approach with a ‘snarling grin’; while responding to a barrage of tower commands, I made a near perfect landing in terms of glide, speed, centre-line and what would have been the gentlest of touch downs… only thing was, I forgot to lower the blasted gear… erm, oops… LOL


Yeah, I think it was set on high at the time. Typically, there is not much traffic in S. Florida when I fly. Usually have Unicom 👍🏼

I did a nice smooth landing with a Super Decathalon at Jack Northrop in LA and one I touched down and slowed down my plane lurched forward and slammed front first onto the tarmac

I think it was me in the tower, when was this?

I recognise the callsign