Crashing game!

I don’t know what’s happening with this update 23.3 but today I do DUBAI TO BUCHAREST and again crash,bro why ?? My device it’s IPOHNE 13 ! I don’t know whats’s happening,but need to be resolve,I’m very upset 😢! Why it’s crashing my route and more!!

Pls help me!!!

DEVICE: iPhone 13

Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues.

Did you install the hotfix?

Luckily crash reports are sent automatically, so you can count on the devs being hard at work tracking down causes for those crashes and finding fixes for them.
It will take some time though, so please bear with them.


No I don’t have hotfix

Don’t check anyone’s profile on the map, it caused mine to crash twice


So I need HOTFIX ???

But how to install HOTFIX ?? Pls help me

I would suggest enabling “lower power mode” in your settings and clean up storage space on your phone, also delete replay files as they can make your flight crash if there is to many.


Go to the App Store → Infinite Flight → Install 23.3.1

Ok ! Thank you !

OMG thank you my friend you saved me

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I install right now ,thanks,now it’s ok ??

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The game should now be ok. Linked below is all that should be fixed in the Hotfix.

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Thanks 🙏 I install now it’s ok !

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