Crashing game.

It loads like it normally does but then it suddenly spawns in, has a spasm, gives me a crash screen (in game crash(kaboom)) and then the whole potato Tab A freezes. I uninstalled the game and RE installed but it still happens.

Put this in #support, so you can get help.

What device is this?

I put it in support so others now can better help :)

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Samsung Tab A… it’s not great…

Have you already tried spawning in another airport with another aircraft?

Not yet… let me try…

It does work
With a different airport and plane…

Glad that I could help!
A mod can close this now.

Thank you :) I appreciate the assistance.

What aircraft/airport was causing the crashing?

If it’s an airport like KJFK/KLAX then this might be occurring due to the mass amount of aircraft

It is (probably) a temporary issue. Happened to me and it was fixed after doing a flight from another airport.