Crashing flights!

Motorola Edge 30neo:
Android 12:

Hi guys!
I come here to report a problem that has simply ended my fun.
The app is simply crashing on its own during flights. This happened to me on the last two flights, after 5h27 and 2h29 flight, respectively.
I don’t believe it’s a device issue as suggested by one of the developers in another thread about this as there he was referring to Xiaomi devices and mine is Motorola.
Also, I don’t believe it’s a performance issue either, as this device is very consistent, with 8GB of RAM, with the possibility of increasing it by another 2GB.
If anyone is also having this problem, please comment here to reinforce this topic!


What are your settings?


Yeah this is very frustrating, how a lot of people says, I don’t think the graphics settings can interfere so much in the performance when you have a powerful device (please see that I’m saying only the powerful devices, disregard the weak ones)

To compare: Another simulators as Aerofly 22 have graphics and constructions much very complex than IF and we do not have this issues in there. So in my opinion the Infinite Flight have a lack of optimization to android devices, once that you see a group of people with powerful devices complaining about performance and screen freezes.

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It can. It’s pretty much one of the most determinative factors.

You generally don’t fly more than 1-2hrs there granted the regional sizes.


Oh but I do, you can bet, lol

I guess the developers would reconsider the app optimization at the Android, because this is not the first and will not be for sure the last complain about performance with the simulator here in the community

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Okay, let’s say the graphics factor is highly determinant, even on devices with an impressive 8GB and 10GB RAM.
This factor goes awry in my situation, as even with a powerful device, I never leave graphics levels high on a cruise flight. On the contrary, I make a point of leaving them as low as possible to preserve battery life and the device itself as a whole.
The problem probably has nothing to do with the device itself.
And because this is not an isolated case, with several players reporting similar problems, the least I expected is a deeper investigation by the developers…

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Here is another example about it, made by now…

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Yeah… What really makes me angry is that they talk as if it wasn’t their problem, always blaming the devices…

This is the problem.
There’s an assumption for many users that this somehow is what determines if the device is capable of running an app that’s high intensive on graphics. It’s not.

RAM does not determine everything. You could have 1TB of RAM and still, your SoC/GPU still wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Here’s a great example of how you could perceive Android (PC in this comparison) vs iOS (console in this comparison) in terms of game development, as it’s similar to PC.

And here we’re talking of AAA-games with 10000 larger budget than we may ever dream of :)

Not at all. But the expectations vs reality must be managed.
And to be fair in the context what was just explained earlier - Android is a massive mess in these terms and I do not believe you expect us to have tested extensively on every single device out there.

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im sorry for interruption but it feels like… when u re-open game for (reading FPL, set an IFA/IFP) it drops to 30. and stays at this numbers for 3-4 mins. Then backs to 60. No matter what graphics setting u are using. U should probably try this thing on ur S7. For me idk S8 Ultra Tablet never lags.

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If you’re referring to the S7 Tab. I don’t run it at 60FPS. Ever.

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Ah oh im sorry then. But that what i saw for now.

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😆 fps don’t even bother me anymore it’s hovering from 3 to 17. And I don’t even look at the screen when I do long haul flights.

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