Crashing ever since last update

Ever since the latest change that added more a320 liveries my game is constantly crashing. Never had this issue. Brand new iPhone 8plus with latest iOS installed.

Hey sometimes I have that promblem and this is what I do

  • The things I do
    • Restart IF
    • Uninstall and reinstall IF app
    • Clear Cache
    • Strong Connection needed
    • Make sure to not have too many apps open

Hopefully one of those things can help

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The problem reported here by @Georgel997 sounds similar to what Ive been experiencing recently. Never had any issues on this mobile device, until recently ,

Both during controlling or flying the IF app crashes, and I am presented with my device password. When I log back in, I see the IF app still open, but when I click on it, it restarts.

I use an iPad Pro, with 11.3x software, which I am currently upgrading to 11.4.

I havent flown any Airbus plane. The issue happens irrispective if the aircraft. It also happens when I am controlling.

anti-aliasing: OFF
limit frame-rate: ticked
all other graphics setting: HIGH

I have cleared the cache.
I have rebooted the iPad, turned it off and on.
Internet connectivity is fine.
I have removed the IF app and re-installed it.
No other app open.

All this, made no difference. Saw the issue again just now, during controlling.

Just now I upgraded to iOS 11.4.

The issue is very intermittend; hard to putt my finger on this as to when it happens.

Anyone else had this?


Update: I believe the trick for me is to clear Cache more frequently. I now do this before every IF session, and crashing has returned to a very minimum.


Thank you for contacting support!
As @Trevor_A mentioned, there are a variety of things that may help, but to add to his list, the Developers always recommend restarting your device before each flight.

If none of those suggestions work, please reply saying so and myself or one of the Support Staff will get back to you. IMPORTANT: I am not one of the support staff, I just like helping out ;)

Opening line courtesy of @Levet

Hmm that’s weird ,you tried like all of the solutions I can think of

I still have iOS 11.3 and I use an I pad air2
Never had any issues yet I don’t know what’s causing all of this

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