Crashing During Long Hauls

Good day, I have encountered an issue that I seem to not be able to resolve. That issue is my app crashing whenever I am approaching an airport DURING A LONG HAUL. I HAVE tried all of the provided tips and tricks to keep your device running well through the duration of the long haul but none seem to have worked for me. I have reinstalled Infinite Flight, turned my graphics settings now, and Restarted my device, and still no luck. I have attempted 3 long hauls in the past 3 days and the same issue kept occurring.

Ive tried the following:

  • Restart your device before a flight (this clears the RAM and closes other running apps)
  • Try lowering your Texture Quality to Medium - you need to do this from the main menu before starting your flight
  • Lower 3D object density

Device: iPad 6th generation
iOS version: 15.2
Storage available: 3GB

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3GB available is very low, try freeing up space. (Infinite Flight takes up quite a decent amount space so having ~10+ GB remaining is helpful). One of the best ways to free up space is by deleting old replays that you don’t want anymore.

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I cant free up 10GBs

Can you assist? @schyllberg

Hey! This could be a storage issue. Also make sure you are on a fast internet connection, and your airplane count is at least on medium. Also please avoid tagging staff members, they are always active checking :)

Clearing your scenery cache prior to flight also helps. Additionally, you might want to try to delete a few replays to clear up the memory space your app takes.

Ditto - this keeps happening to me as well. Before this newest hotfix for 22.1 IF was running perfect for me. I can’t seem to do a long haul past the 12 hour mark which reminds me of the bug from a while back when no one could fly past 14/15hrs or so.

Device: iPad Mini 5th generation
iOS version: 15.3.1
Storage available: 30.05GB
Graphics Settings: All on high and high airplane count (was working perfect for 22.1 so it should for the hotfix as well in theory)

  • Yes I have cleared the scenery cache before each flight, deleted replays and I re-start my device before each flight.

I’m on a fast connection. Storage, I have 9GB free now and the issue is still occurring. Nothing should be wrong with tagging staff members, they are here to assist and not everything they will catch. I prefer waiting for seb to help me since he would be the guy to know

So yeah, let’s wait on Seb cause I can’t really go that further on this lol. All I know is that make sure you update to 15.3.1 which is the current iOS update :)

In addition to clearing your cache - restart your device as well

Well, those were my first steps

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