Crashing During Long Hauls

Good day, I have encountered an issue that I seem to not be able to resolve. That issue is my app crashing whenever I am approaching an airport DURING A LONG HAUL. I HAVE tried all of the provided tips and tricks to keep your device running well through the duration of the long haul but none seem to have worked for me. I have reinstalled Infinite Flight, turned my graphics settings now, and Restarted my device, and still no luck. I have attempted 3 long hauls in the past 3 days and the same issue kept occurring.

Device: iPad 6th generation
iOS version: 15.2
Storage available: 3GB

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Are you running on 60fps or 30fps?

Same happens to me. I did SYD-LAX about 2 days ago and I the app crashed while on final (I use my iPhone). It’s super annoying.

30fps always

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What’s your IF settings?

All high until cruise, when I turn it to all low then once I’m descending, all medium. I used to do it all high for decent but I started doing all medium and it did not resolve the issue

Is this happening with all types of aircraft?

Yea all, including outdated ones

If you’re experiencing app crashes, it is likely because your device is low on memory, which causes the OS to kill Infinite Flight. Try the following:

  • Restart your device before a flight (this clears the RAM and closes other running apps)
  • Try lowering your Texture Quality to Medium - you need to do this from the main menu before starting your flight
  • Lower 3D object density
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Alright, thanks Marc